Article Submission

AdvantageHRM appreciate your contributions towards the industry.

We encourage the submission of articles that bear directly on Human resources theory and concerns, as well as current reassessment of traditional issues.

Those interested may send a brief abstract describing the article or simply send the completed piece for consideration. All submissions must include the writer’s headshot.

We collaborate with HR domain experts and thought leaders to express their knowledge in the best possible way through articles, blogs, white papers, researches etc.

However, if you are not a subject matter expert, we will help you formulate your perspective.

We usually require, Author’s biography/ credentials/ proposes to write/ core of the proposed article/ importance and relevance of the topic/ research included in the article, expertise in subject matters and originality of contents assess the suitability of articles.

We welcome the use of visual images and auditory and video clips to illustrate the text.

Due to the large number of submission we receives, we are unable to respond to every submission. If the article is selected, an editor will come in contact with you, who supervised your presentation. Company always reserve the right to accept or reject submissions.

Terms of Submissions:  

  • You warrant to us that any material you presented is your own original work. You have to present your own creativity only.
  • Your presentation will be your own views and you will be solely responsible for any outcome.
  • You will be solely responsible for any copyright issues for your presentations.
  • Copied material not only has copyright issues, it may also damage the image of the brand, so you will not copy.
  • You hereby waive all of all the rights that you may have under Copyright laws in respect of any material you presented.
  • You cannot submit content that has already been submitted anywhere. It does not matter whether it was published or not.

We welcomes your expression of experience.

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