In House Editorial Team

  • Anil Mishra

    Supreme Editor

    Anil Mishra is Supreme Editor of "AdvantageHRM" which is India's most readable and reliable HR magazine. He has over two decades of experience as a corporate professional and a successful frist generation entrepreneur having owned several companies leading to multidimensional business likewise "AdvantageHRM" (HR magazine), "EMPLOYAM" (Job portal), "SurveySpeaks" (Survey, research, analysis, insights), "Janam Janam Ka Sath" (Matrimonial site), "Attivo Protezione" (Security agency), etc. Also adding a feather to his cap are his books published on his creative bent of writing poems and gazals in Hindi. "Yaadon Ka Kusuman" and "Bindu Se Sagar Tak" are his famous editions, His poems are also being published in various famous shared poetry collections of many publications.

  • Sandhiya Ahluwalia

    Executive Editor

    Author, Blogger, Youtuber, HR Advisor, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and a Life Coach with more than two decades of experience in core HR with reputed organizations. Help processes and systems to have a proper interwoven process. Having worked with organizations across different sectors like Hero Motors, Deloitte Haskins and Sells, Uflex Limited, Meghamani Group, Paharpur Industries Limited and HR Media Ltd. Always a passionate writer at heart and articulating the experience which I have gained in my professional career, through my writing.

  • Tulika B. Mukherjee


    Tulika B. Mukherjee is working as an associate Sub-Editor with us. She is an NLP coach and has over 18+ Years of vast experience in Education, Empowerment, Digital Marketing and Personality Development. She has worked as Response Editor at the Times of India, Indian Express, Hitavada and central Chronicles and as Dean Press and Publication.

  • Shruti Varma

    Author & Contributor

    Shruti Varma is working as an associate Features Writer with Advantage HRM. She is a counselling psychologist. She is a Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, alumnus. Having held several leadership positions in various MNCs, she is a leading trainer and counsellor in emotions management and emotional intelligence.

  • Ulka Shukla

    Author & Contributor

    Ulka Shukla is a senior management professional with 15 years plus of experience in Strategic HR, learning and organizational development alongside change management, as well. She has worked in the (USA, Middle East and India). She lives by her mission of "Improving the quality of life of people" by making them emotionally smarter through the Zoetic Sutra. She is committed to leaving and amotionally safer and greener planet for the next generation.

  • Rishikesh Acharya

    Strategic Advisor

    When we started working on the idea of the magazine, it was exciting and the digital magazine had its challenges in terms of technology. Our only aim was to see that the magazine continues to be the leader in its segment. My constant endeavour was to continuously support the editorial team and the visibilitly of the magazine in the digital ambience. As a Technological Advisor, my journey was enthralling and equally challenging. Being a part of the magazine constantly drives me to keep introducing techonogical updates to meet the latest standards. I wish AdvantangeHRM to have a wider reach of the target audience. Also want it to be a magazine of high repute in the fraternity.