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AdvantageHRM enables you to post comments, reviews, their own posts, articles. If user post any such content on the website, it is posted with the consent and agreement that Company and its affiliates have a nonexclusive, royalty free, perpetual irrevocable and fully sub licensable right to use, modify, correct, edit, adopt, republish, translate and reproduce, distribute and display in any form in any media platform/format. You hereby acknowledge and agree that Company shall not be liable for any Uses of your User Submissions by any third party that had access to your User Submissions during the period in which your User Submissions was available on or through the sites / Services.


These guidelines apply to all areas of community interaction, and by using AdvantageHRM you agree to abide by them.

The AdvantageHRM community is diverse and passionate. Not everyone shares the same point of view, and that diversity of opinion is what makes AdvantageHRM a great place to share your ideas. Respectful, lively debates are encouraged, but consider the impact of your contributions on individuals and the community as a whole before jumping in.

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We support original, creative contributions to AdvantageHRM. Where you can add content, go for it. Just make sure it belongs to you—plagiarism and copyright infringement are not allowed.

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If you see content that breaks our rules, flag it or contact us. Don’t take it upon yourself to correct other people’s bad behaviour, and don’t encourage bad behaviour by acknowledging it. We evaluate each flagged item and take action to educate members about our rules. If a conversation is deteriorating, you can opt to disengage.

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Simply put, add value to the community—don’t diminish it.