From Personal Management to Human Resources Management and lately Human Capital Management, the corporate world has seen the transition and adapted to it. It’s a different ball game altogether. What used to be a constant conflict zone between the employer and the employee in the decades gone by, is now a sort of level playing field for both the company and its workforce.

Similarly, the rules of the game have changed for sections of the media covering human resource issues. There are magazines and journals that have been struggling to keep pace with the fast-changing moods of the corporate world. But there is not one that anticipates the trends and keeps its readers and corporate clients one step ahead of others. That’s where AdvantageHRM comes in!

Human resource is a dynamic field that requires ongoing education, professional development and a need to stay abreast of changes in legislation and work culture. With professionally curated informative articles, in-depth interviews and wide-ranging across-the- table discussions, researches, insights debates, live interactions with HR influencers, AdvantageHRM broadly focuses on the topics that impacts Human Resource Management similarly Strategies, Recruitments, Trends, Tools & Technology, Law and Compliances, HR- Psychology, Safety & Risk management, Empowerment, Social Media, etcetera.

AdvantageHRM acts as an amplifier of widely acknowledged management professionals who command the power of influencing human resource strategies in India and across the world. This is a forum which provides insights into the professional and the corporate world.

AdvantageHRM keeps a hawk’s eye on the best talent available in the industry and highlight the works of HR professionals without any bias and maintains a database of professionals looking for corporate migration and career enhancement.

The AdvantageHRM is the most respected, trusted and widely read Website and Magazine of thousands of HR professionals and industry leaders. The AdvantageHRM is owned, operated, maintained and published by M/s. Advantage Intellect Private Limited.

Join AdvantageHRM Whether through our comprehensive website, magazine, in-depth eBooks, newsletters, or regularly scheduled digital and live events – such as our Awards program and Conference – all the relevant information you need for growth and ultimately contribute to your company’s longevity and success!

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The AdvantageHRM Website is famous in HR professionals across the world due to highest level of its contents. Read our website regularly to find various ways to improve your intelligence and deal with your problems because you are involved in an intellectual job.


The AdvantageHRM Magazine is a professional publication coming out with interesting material month after month.

The Magazine is expressing Indian HR / IR issues extensively. The content of the magazine helps HR Managers deal with practical problems and equip them with the latest technologies and provide solutions to their workplace problems.


The AdvantageHRM conducts survey research on several issues for data collection, obtained by asking individuals, which is used to gather the opinions, beliefs, and feelings of selected groups of individuals, often selected for strategic sampling.


The AdvantageHRM Newsletter delivers breaking news, comprehensive analysis, cutting- edge features, contributions from thought leaders, and the best, most extensive collection of product reviews in the business.


The AdvantageHRM provides networking opportunities to the HR community through its events and conferences. We organize HR-Leaders gathering, seminars, workshops, convention, conversations, debates, round table conferences, ceremonies, sessions, networking and award programs from time to time.

  • Connecting Human Resources from local to global.

  • Simplifying HR encyclopedia for corporate individuals.

  • Introducing the contribution of HR leaders towards the industry.

  • Providing insights into the HR professional and the corporate world.

  • Creating a common platform for HR professionals from various sectors.

  • Bringing experience of HR Leaders to newcomers.

  • Focusing largely on topics that affect human resources.

  • Staying abreast of changes in legislation and work culture.

  • Providing networking opportunities to the HR community.

  • Empowering individuals with treasure of experiences of HR Leaders.

  • Keeping individuals updated on the transforming world of HR strategies.


  • Increase your knowledge in a niche area.

  • Extend yourself beyond regional boundaries.

  • Keep yourself updated with changing trends.

  • Networking opportunities for HR fraternity.

  • Discover information that you may not search.

  • Enhance your power of visualisation and presentation.

  • Get relevant information about products and services.


  • Take your business beyond regional boundaries

  • Networking opportunities with decision makers

  • Get penetration in your targeted market

  • Expand Brand awareness and media exposure

  • Generate effective leads and increase sales volume

  • Maintain existing markets and enhances goodwill

  • Information about new product, services, different options and comparative prices